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Medium Multigen Goldendoodle

Weight: 40 lbs.
Color: Golden/ Apricot
Personality: Smart & in Disability Service

Breed mix: Multigenerational

Small poodle: 23%

OFA Hips: Good
Elbows: Good
Patellar Luxation: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
CERF-Eyes: Normal
 vWD: Clear via Embark & parentage

Elle Mae

Elle Mae is a working disability service dog. Elle earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen and her Novice Trick Dog in her first year. She loves to serve. She naturally consoles a person or child crying. Elle is trained to pick up items dropped for a disabled family member. She assists with laundry in a front load washer & dryer. At least 3 other dogs in her lineage are in service.

 PRA: Clear via Embark & parentage

Clear via Embark & parentage
+/+ furnishings
-/- curl
-/- DM

Gabriel img 3 5-9-23.jpeg


Miniature Poodle

Gabriel is an adorable Mini Poodle. He lives with the Hofmann family.  He loves to play, cuddle and gives awesome hugs! 

Birthdate: 4-2-2021, Weight: 10 lbs

Stud from Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles

Eyes: Normal
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patella Luxation: Normal
Cardiac: Normal

PRA: Normal

vWD: Clear

NEWS: Clear

DM: Clear

Personality: A Sweetheart!

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