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We do NOT sell any of our puppies with breeding rights per contracts we have with GANA and other breeders. No exceptions.


Get On Our Waiting List

1. Please complete the Puppy Adoption Application.

2. We will call you ASAP to answer any questions. We can tell you what number you will be on our application list if you were to pay the application fee that day. Because we are a small breeder, we try to accept application fees for puppies we expect to provide within a reasonable time period.

3. Please read and sign the Waiting List Fee Agreement and pay the $350 non-refundable fee. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Note:  $350 is deducted from your puppy purchase price.


We will keep you updated when pregnancy is confirmed and let you know the anticipated whelping date of our next litter.


Wait Until The Litter is Born

4. Newborn puppy photos are shared with you within the first few days of birth.  You’ll be notified by e-mail and/or text with a birth announcement.

5. When puppies are a week old, we will contact you to commit or pass on this litter. At that time, we can let you know what number you are on the litter list.

6. If you accept a spot on this litter, complete and e-sign the Puppy Purchase Agreement and pay $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation for your puppy. If you’ve requested a specific gender and that is not available, your name can be moved to the next litter. 


Note: $350 plus $1000 = $1350 is deducted from your puppy purchase price leaving $2150 due 24 hours before pickup.


Select Your Puppy At 7 Weeks

7. We temperament test each puppy and send videos of puppies meeting your criteria.

8. We contact you to finalize your selection at 7 weeks. At this time, we will schedule the day and time for your puppy pickup at 8 weeks.

9. Please pay balance due of $2150 no later than 24 hours before the day of your puppy pickup. When you pay this balance please send a text to Sheri's text msg that you have paid this amount. 

10. When we receive your final payment of $2150, we will e-mail you a the "Puppy Paid in Full Receipt". You can sign it when you come to pickup your puppy or e-mail in advance. Please arrive on time for your puppy pickup. We will complete the "Dog ID Form" and sign together in person. There's a tail- wagging puppy thrilled to meet you!



Petites (20-25 lbs.) are $3,500
Minis (26-35 lbs.) are $3,500


This is an exciting time for you and us. Once you're on our waitlist, we'll keep you updated when breeding occurs, anticipated due dates, pregnancy confirmation, and the number of puppies at delivery. Sometimes we will have an ultrasound at 3 weeks gestation, but this cannot always accurately predict the number of puppies. 


Within 1-2 days after the puppies are born, each puppy has a unique colored newborn identification band placed on them and newborn photos are taken. This

unique color will identify each puppy through the day it goes home with you. The newborn photos are posted and listed. If you're on our waitlist you'll receive an email with the newborn photos post and birth announcements. We'll send out photos each week so you can follow the amazing changes as your puppy litter grows and develops. It's an amazing experience. We do reserve the first spot as our breeder's pick.


Please know puppy delivery may take a full 24 hour day (mama dogs nap and are not the same as a human during labor) but when our dog labors it may requires a family member to be awake long hours or sleeping in shifts with a family member always present with our mama and pups during delivery and at least the first day. So, please be understanding. We can’t wait to share these photos with you, but the heath of mama and babies is our first priority. We will contact you by phone in the order of people who have applied and paid the wait list fee. If you are offered a spot on a litter but do not see the puppy you’re looking for, then you can pass and opt to move to the next litter until you find the right puppy for you.


The list changes as people select by confirming and passing on puppies in a litter. If you confirm on a given litter, then you will complete the puppy purchase agreement and pay the $1,000 litter commitment fee. Once you're committed to a litter you'll be provided weekly photos of the puppies. You’ll experience the excitement of watching how your puppy grows and develops. As personalities develop, we'll temperament test at about 7 weeks. We'll let each person on the list select in the order of the list. We share the results of temperament testing and videos of the puppies that fit your what you are looking for. For example, sometimes a puppy is selected in the first week. Suppose person #2 desires a mini red female and the litter only has one mini red female, then we place that puppy’s ID band color beside person #2’s name as tentative until the age of 7 weeks. Sometimes people change their minds and want a male instead of a female or want a different color than they first thought as temperament often matters more than color or sex in matching to a particular household. The list continues to evolve as each person selects their puppy.  It's confirmed with the "Dog ID Form" which is part of the "Puppy Adoption Agreement". This all occurs at about 7 weeks of age.


Puppy Selection Day

Puppy selection day is when you will receive temperament testing results and a video of the puppy or puppies you’re most interested in. If you still have questions or want more information we can FaceTime and discuss your choices. This is an exciting day! If you have already chosen a name, we will begin teaching your puppy their name. It’s a good time to involve everyone in your household. Your puppy Pick-up Day will be scheduled during your puppy selection.

Due to the risk of Parvo and other diseases we only have puppy selection via video and FaceTime. Your puppy receives their first puppy shot at 6 weeks and is not fully protected from illness if exposed to multiple people coming to meet the litter at this vulnerable time. We will not release a puppy prior to 8 weeks of age. Puppies still have valuable lessons to learn from their litter mates during these last two weeks with us. Also, we will continue to work on potty training, socialization & puppy curriculum. 


The last day to pay your full balance is due 24 hours PRIOR to your Puppy Pick-up Day. Pick up day is a busy time for us with lots of love devoted to you and your puppy. We want to have all possible business taken care of in advance. This gives us the opportunity to prepare your puppy’s going home bag, and add individual touches that help you and your puppy transition as a new member of your family. 

christmas elle.JPG

Drum Roll Please!
........Hip, Hip, Hooray!

It's Pick-up Day!

Your puppy will be freshly bathed with a goodie bag containing 1) their Lineage Certificate from the Goldendoodle Association of America (GANA), 2) health records of shots, worming, etc., 3) a collar, 4) microchip number form, 5) a toy and blanket with scent of mom and litter 6) puppy samples and surprises, 7) Folder for keeping all records in your puppy’s travel bag. Your puppy will need to see your vet within 72 hours of pick up so schedule this vet appointment several weeks in advance. Your puppy will have its first puppy shots at 6 weeks of age but will need the remaining puppy vaccinations and preventative care according to your vet's recommendations.


Helpful Hint: I keep the following in a schoolbook sack for each of our dogs. This is always ready to go
and helpful if something unexpected occurs and your dog needs to go to a pet sitter, neighbor, or family
member. We bring it when we go anywhere as our service dog rode all over the United States with us. People
referred to it as Harley's doggie bag.

These are recommendations for your doggie bag and come with it on the day of pick up: a leash, a harness (You can email me for measurements prior to you ordering it if you're unsure which size to start with.), a bottle of water, pop up water and food bowls, Ziploc bag of dog food, bag of dog treats, doggy waste bags, a pack of doggy wipes or wet paper towels in a sandwich bag, several gallon size zip seal bags for a sealing any soiled paper towels, clothing, or towels in case of accidents, roll of paper towels, and a couple bath towels. We choose 2-4 of our older towels that match to refer to from here out as the "dog towels" in our household. Warning: towels with holes are a hazard to puppies as they can get tangled in the holes or swallow loose threads. If you have a long ride, bring a clean shirt or change of clothes for the person holding your puppy. Think of this like bringing home a newborn baby. Accidents can occur and it’s nice to have fresh clothes for the person if needed. Some puppies get upset tummies while traveling. It is unlikely, your puppy will urinate on a lap during your journey if you follow the training methods outlined in our recommended materials. We will feed puppies several hours prior to your pickup time to try to avoid upset tummies and take them to their potty spot just prior to pick-up. A dog seatbelt is important but never use a neck collar to fasten your dog into a seatbelt. If you are traveling alone, we strongly recommend  you bring a small travel crate for your puppy to provide safety on the road. Many of these fasten into a seatbelt to offer security.

 If you are unable to pick up your puppy at your scheduled time, then we will need to be notified in
advance. There will be a $40 per day boarding fee and sometimes it is not possible to extend puppy pick
up days. We understand emergencies but please understand we have other people scheduled to pick up
when you arrive. Each family has about a 30 minute slot with drive up pick up so your puppy is not exposed to
other families who may have other pets at their homes. This is organized to precision and we hire extra
help to assist us through this process. We can’t wait to meet you in person, take photos as you have
your first in person meeting and share in your joy. We’re always available to answer questions over the
first few days 24/7. And we love hearing from you through email and social media. The litter club can
share on FB as you desire.


Visit our shop for links for TLC dog food, pet insurance, and our favorite dog products. There are items that are quality yet budget friendly and items for those who want to splurge. I love picking a color and buying all that dog's items in the same color. It cuts out confusion about which harness fits which dog. I match these to their doggie bag. If you're on a budget think about saving by grooming yourself AFTER studying online videos and buying the correct equipment. I did this for more than a dozen years while raising my children.


Remember to plan on training BEFORE you pick up your puppy. Get your household on the same page. Baxter & Bella will pay you back in years of a well trained dog. Start this at least 2 weeks before puppy pick up day. Teaching children ages 5 and up how to train a dog is a skill that will benefit them throughout life. I still have my first dog training book from this young age. Training your puppy is a fantastic family bonding activity. Goldendoodles can participate in AKC Trick Dog Shows and earn titles. There are shows children of certain ages can enter as the dog's handler. This is where you'll see the brilliance of a Goldendoodle shine compared to many other breeds. 

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